Hi, I'm Dariya Souza

I believe pleasure leads to truth.

Truth leads to love.

And in healing ourselves we create realness

and revolution.

And play.

I was going to have an offering by mid-June, one-on-one's and a course almost ready, and then...I decided to move to Oregon. It's been calling for two years, you know. Don't feel stuck anymore, for sure.

I'm on an adventure high, missing my love/best friend, and all the great friends, back in Ohio.

But letting intuition/trust be stronger than fear. With help from meditation, deep breaths and good vibes. 

So far:

I've had some of the best cheesecake of my life here,

Met the most adorable Doberman puppy of all puppies (he lives with family friends, but still) in a Chicago suburb (Chicago traffic, why are you like Toronto daytime traffic at 12AM? Hope I never meet you during the day.)

Saw actual coyotes sorta up close (at 70 mph), out in Iowa.

Laughed extra much at my friends' and sister's playlist choices ("Shut Up and Drive" really had been stuck in my head for two weeks).

Learned about pleasure in plainness.

And let myself be surprised over and over by kindness, by my own resilience and love of life, and the diversity in places and people.


Feeling pretty full on life.

Letting intuition play a bigger role in how I do things, and letting great ideas stream through while on the open road.

Letting it all amaze me.

Will come back to this online space once I'm a little more cozy in Portland.

(Explore the Before Vagabonding, below, if you'd like. It'll be updated soon-ish.)

Music love.

Here's what you'd find out if you came over for tea.

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Also more of the Diving Into, products/ideas/books/things and other peoples’ cool projects, unconventional ways to give time/money to help change the world (like this, or learn more from the book), and etc.

In the creative phase:

Ebook of art on themes like the Feminine, self-love, self-respect, pleasure, etc.

Courses, specifically one about mindfulness, following inner truth + intuition and living fully full. This might start as one-on-one sessions, more info in newsletter for those who want to play/experiment and catalyze change like this.