Hi, I'm Dariya. A vagabonding change-lover with a sensual angle.

Love is my revolution. Especially in the systems that don't support us and mentalities that don't liberate us. 

Expressing things through stories, drawings, and good-vibe visions (like stickers, teaching/learning portals, ebooks, illustrating everything ever and especially the soul-rich, Feminine life experiences.

Learning to keep both feet firmly in the mud of the Earth.

Keeping myself soul-fed. Deliciously happy when that helps feed others' souls.

Intensely curious about a bunch of different things (see: Scanner).

Playing a lot. 

One of my playful visions: stickers! One set with an adorable creature (like this) and another with a mermaidy, witchy, flowy creature (like this).

I want the adorableness in random places of my life and the road. Deff putting stickers on coconut oil jars and teas. 

Working on the drawings right now. There's more about the project and rewards on Patreon. It's an amazing place for helping artists support their creativity. Etsy is where you could buy some of my art pieces.

My newsletter comes with secret art and is written a couple times a year (usually more in the spring and summer). 

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