I changed my name to Dariya (pronounced Dah-ree-yaah) after becoming American, but it's very close to my Russian birth name.

I was born in Siberia but had the gift of growing up in North America, where my rebel soul could truly thrive.

Instead of thriving, I chose codependency, stifling my art and sensuality in favour of a perfectly reasonable, career-oriented academic obsession and string of relationships, and kinda sorta living for other people. (You know that person who's just little too caring and nice all the time? Me, except when I'd explode in unhappiness. I could've definitely been told to go take care of myself more.)

Now, I'm practicing courage by feeling it. all. Fully. (Well, more often than before.) I'm trusting my body's cues instead of thinking through situations. (Well, it's a process.) I chose vagabonding over completing a perfectly reputable university education (but I appreciate UofT for everything). I'm learning to trust that everyone has their own story, their truth. So do I.

I want a well-lived life more than anything in the world. Except when I want everything in the world, especially soft fabrics and a pair of very loving hands.

I'm here to take up space. Follow joy and pleasure. Learn a whole bunch of lessons. Open up. Learn to love the whole world. And art, of course.

One thing I've learned in my rewilding is that I'm perfectly, reasonably, just completely unreasonable. That's the Feminine wildness I live and love for.

These days, my core desired feelings are Truth, Love, Queen, and Pleasure.

Some favourite mantras are: 



"I feel so disobedient." (Eartha Kitt voice, of course. First heard in these words and this voice from Kitty Cavalier and her Body Church program.)

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new photo dariya.jpg
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I'm still, always, doing the work of becoming myself. And might be for a lifetime.