I make art and enjoy living deliciously. 

I'm just here to take up space, follow pleasure, learn some lessons, give some love to the world. 

Core desired feelings:Truth. Love. Queen. Pleasure. Flow.

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And another thing.

I used think I had to choose a "specialty," master at something that would get me lots of money. For the security and freedom to live however I wanted and because that's what "success" meant. Right?

Then I started feeling. 

Started noticing my vibes around foods, people, choices... Digesting my experiences more thoroughly instead of letting them get stuck in my body and mind.

It's been a shift from a mostly intellect-driven life (academic success = self-worth previously)

to a balanced, heart-centred living. 

My intellect likes learning about history, human behaviour, social activism, how systems of oppression work, and being challenged from all sorts of angles. I keep it on a leash though.

Because my body, vibes, are connected to spirit (God/Presence/Goddess). This surrendering, being in flow...one of my favourite pleasures.