Hi, I’m Dariya.

I’m different people at different camera angles, at different times of the month, or depending on how I’ve faced my fears and self-cared lately.

Some things are constant though:

My values, my truths.

I believe in integrity, and self-respect.

The value of both the light and the dark. (I adore dualities.)

Pleasure is my guide and how I guide.

Self-care as a way of life.

I adore how there’s so many ways people do “being human.”


I create art and dream of revolutions that make self-care a way of life, create universal love for diversity, and let self-respect lead the way to changing the world.

Big dreams.

All these big ideas in between midnight snacks, moonlight walks, blueberries for breakfast, little fights that make relationships stronger while annoying everyone, wearing only soft clothes, being bossy and not letting others do “human” their way (I knowww), savouring delicious foods, adoring the human body, playing with cute puppies and making art that feels really good.

One of my purposes here is to reacquaint myself with pleasure, and help others tap into theirs – for delicious living, feeling fully full on life.

If that sounds interesting, my blog’s here for the exploring, my art is being made into a little ebook of pleasures, and working with me one-on-one will be available later this month.

Thanks for being here, hope you find something that makes your day a little more delicious.