Diving into (April).

Every month-ish, I share resources and things I'm exploring.  

This month there aren't that many resources because I'm diving into...me. Observing more. Letting go what isn't serving, even more. Leaving room. Leaving more room.

Here's a few resources for self-discovery if you wanna fill up instead:

Enneagram test (free), was helpful for understanding how my Maiden aspect deals with things. I identify with Type 4 (buut with some aspects of 5), wing 7 prolly.

Forgive yourself. Here's one way from Liz DiAlto.

Maiden to Mother journey with Sarah Durham Wilson. Doing this with her gave me more compassion for myself + language for so much I didn't know how to articulate before and gave me new way to understand my cycles. Which meant so, so much.

Private coaching with Susana Frioni - just beautiful.


Really, though...leave room. Make space. Observe more than act. Be really tender, kind and loving with yourself. Especially you see the muck in the stillness. Let it be a gift.

That's what I'm doing.


Doing a mini playshop for myself. 

Hanging out in meditation a lot. (I'm drawn to daydreaming, mostly.)

Asking, "what would feel like rest right now? What would feel delicious and nourishing?" Doing that. With lotsa compassion when "shoulds" come up. 

Doing the bare minimum. Being more. (Unavoidable things, like taxes, can be reframed as nourishing/etc. Money: A Love Story opened my eyes to that.)

Thanking Mercury retrograde for this urge to revisit, refresh, restart. Lovingly letting all the broken pieces fall away. Emptying down to essence. (Trying.)

You do you, more and more. I'm doing me.